London Wine Fair over for another year

The London Wine Fair ended on May 23. Under the leadership of its iconic director Ross Carter, it has managed to make an amazing come-back. He was the one who decided to return to Olympia after several years’ exile at Excel and who, above all, breathed new life into a concept that was starting to run out of steam.

But this year’s show will be remembered for other reasons. It was the first event after the Brexit vote which will most probably be a game-changer. English distributors will have to sound out their suppliers and renegotiate prices to compensate for the inevitable fall in pound sterling – they certainly will not be able to forego quality French, Italian and Spanish wines.

It remains to be seen how many visitors attended this year. 15,000 visitors were registered – if they actually attended the event, figures will be up and reverse last year’s trend when attendance fell by 2% to 14,401 visitors.

Let’s hope so.