François Gilbert, captivated by Catalonian wines, created from indigenous grape varieties

The six wineries best rated by the Gilbert & Gaillard competition. With Francois Gilbert (center), the general director of Incavi, Salvador Puig, accompanied by the president of the Catalan Wine Association (AVC), Valentí Roqueta, and the manager of the Cava Institute, Mar Torres.


Gilbert & Gaillard presents the key award-winning wines in the country for the 2017 competition



The results of the Gilbert & Gaillard International Wine Competition for Catalonian wines and cavas (sparkling white wines) were published last week in Barcelona.  In total, 249 wines from 104 different wineries were given awards, of which six wineries with the most points this year received special mention. These were Abadal, Acústic Celler, Gramona, Perelada; Recaredo and Torres. However, the winery receiving the award for the ‘Revelation of the Year’ was Celler de Capçanes.




François Gilbert, founder of the wine magazine Gilbert & Gaillard gave his overall assessment of the results. “Catalonia has surprised us with its authentic taste of the land, its investment in native strains and the fact that each wine- producing region has been able to stamp its identity in what makes its wines unique.” He went on to say, “We have been able to taste several vintages throughout the competition and we are happy because we were able to see the development of wine in relation to the land in which it was born.”



In general terms, he explained, “I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of wines from Priorat and the great diversity of those from Montsant; the homogeneity of the wines from Empordà, Terra Alta and Pla de Bages, and the different styles of the Penedès wines, which now work with the sub-regions to give greater identity to each type of production.”


Bodega Revelación 2017: Celler de Capçanes.


He also made mention of the Cava (Spanish sparkling wine),which was ‘another beautiful surprise’, and continued by saying, “The French tend to think that cavas are inferior to champagne, but we are wrong. This year I have discovered great, very interesting cavas here.”



With regard to the grape varieties, and reinforcing the comments about native strains made by the taster, he added that he found the wines produced from varieties like Trepat, Sumoll, Picapoll and Garrnacha Peluda (Hairy Grenache) interesting. “Perhaps not as well-known internationally, but these varieties express the authenticity, we have been talking about, of their region.”



Gilbert & Gaillard organises these awards once a year with INCAVI (the Catalonian Institute of Vines and Wines) and evaluates wines that are presented for blind wine tasting. Tastings occur worldwide where up to 12000 wines from every wine-producing region on the planet are evaluated, and around 700 wines come from Catalonia.  Among the major developments of the competition introduced this year, in 2017, is the implementation of a new service which will serve to bring award-winning wine to the international market. Thanks to e-commerce, from June 2017, medal-winning products will be posted up on the Gilbert & Gaillard webpage and marketed through the online shop.



The awards are divided into three different categories: Gold 90+ points, in which 79 wines and sparkling wines from 57 wineries obtained medals; Gold, awarded to 145 wines and sparkling wines from 92 wineries; and finally Silver, awarded to 25 wines and sparkling wines from 21 wineries.




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